Why you should upgrade to Sitebulb Pro 

Sitebulb Pro is perfect for SEO professionals, consultants and digital marketing agencies. Essentially, if you do SEO for a living, Sitebulb Pro is the package for you.

If you're familiar with Sitebulb Lite already, this post will explain all the benefits you'll gain from upgrading to Pro.

To upgrade to Pro, simply email [email protected] and let us know you want to upgrade - we'll take care of the rest!

Get the complete picture

Sitebulb Pro allows you to crawl way beyond the 10,000 URL limit you get with Lite, to the point where you can essentially crawl any website in it's entirety.

From an auditing perspective, crawling every single page is the only way you can ensure you are seeing the complete picture. If you're crawling a client site, then URL discovery is one of the most important factors, since, quite literally - you don't know what you don't know.

This also has a knock-on effect to other areas:

  • Duplicate content may be inaccurate as the missing URLs will not be checked for duplication.
  • You may be missing broken links or redirects that are linked to from the missing URLs.
  • The Crawl Map will not include all the nodes.
  • The Link Equity Score calculation will be inaccurate, as the missing URLs will not be included.

The last thing you want is to provide an audit report that is immediately questioned by your client because half the data is missing.

Customizable whitelabel PDF reports

If you already love Sitebulb's PDF reports, you'll love them even more with Pro. You can customise every element, and literally choose exactly what you want to include on each report.

Customise PDF report

This means you can pick and choose exactly what you want to include for the specific situation:

  • Only print out Hints, to quickly show a client without going through the whole report with them.
  • Only print the scores and graphs, for a high-level report to give to executives.
  • Print a prioritised list of Hints to give to a developer to work through.
  • Print a reduced report to send to prospective clients, to pique their interest but not overwhelm them with data.

PDF reports with Pro are also completely white label - there's not a single mention of Sitebulb anywhere - so you can send them out or print them off safe in the knowledge that your secret sauce will not be revealed!

Audit history and comparison

If you need to show progress with technical issues to your client or boss, there's no better way than with graphs that go down and to the right.

Sitebulb Pro has a whole host of audit comparison data and visualisation options, including 'Change history' for every datapoint:

Audit change history

There's also trendline graphs throughout the audit so you immediately see historical changes.


You can even compare every single datapoint for any two audits in the same project, using the 'Compare Audits' option.

Compare audits

Comprehensive SEO audits

Sitebulb Pro also opens up a ton of extra auditing options, so you can produce truly comprehensive SEO audits reports, including well over 300 Hints.

All the extra data you get is as follows:

PageSpeed and Mobile Friendly

Conduct a complete performance audit on every single URL on your site, for both page speed and mobile rendering.

Keyword data

Search Console Keyword Data

Connect technical SEO with rankings and keyword data. Understand search performance alongside on-page and technical SEO indicators.

Hreflang Validation

Utilise Sitebulb’s comprehensive hreflang validation to maximise your opportunities in international markets.

Hreflang validation
AMP Validation

AMP Extraction and Validation

Sitebulb will find and check your AMP pages, so you can make the most of new opportunities in the mobile landscape.

Code Coverage

Code coverage analysis for every JavaScript & CSS file on your website - to identify dead or unused code, which can be removed to boost performance.

Code Coverage


Conduct a complete accessibility audit to identify violations and highlight opportunities to improve your website for everybody.

Upgrade today and see immediate benefit!

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To upgrade to Pro, simply email [email protected] and let us know you want to upgrade - we'll take care of the rest!

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