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If you're reading this, you should be a subscriber of Aleyda's #SEOFOMO newsletter. If you're not, then look away now - this page isn't for the likes of you!

Aleyda's a great friend to us all here at Sitebulb and has been kind enough to include us in her newsletter. So we wanted to give a little something back to her subscribers - 60 days of Sitebulb, free (our usual trial is 14 days).

No catch, no credit card details - just register, download the software, and get going.

Not only that, we'll also plant a tree (or five!) when you take Sitebulb for a spin and run an audit!

Obviously this isn't a selfless act. We're hoping to get you hooked on Sitebulb. But that's fair isn't it?

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Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis


A fantastic desktop based SEO audit tool, that makes your SEO analysis so much easier, with actionable, well segmented reports and insights.

Sitebulb guides your audit workflow with intuitive next-steps throughout your journey from investigation to reporting.


Crawl any website, any time, with state of the art crawling technology and JavaScript rendering.


Focus on the most important issues with 300+ SEO issues and opportunities automatically checked and prioritized.


Give recommendations with confidence with in-depth explanations for every issue in clear, client-friendly language.


Communicate clearly with clients using intuitive visualisations, spreadsheet exports and PDF reports.

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