Communicate big ideas in your SEO audits

Use visualizations to quickly spot patterns, and embed graphs to help express complex ideas with clarity.

Sylvain Deauré

Sylvain Deauré

SEO Consultant

Delighted to see a product using crawl maps and interactive dataviz to analyze and understand the inner structure of a website. This adds so much value!

Interactive visualizations: drill down into the data

The point of a website audit is typically to first understand any issues or opportunities a website may have, and then to try and explain these to any relevant stakeholders. Graphical visualizations are perfect for communicating broader trends, as they can unlock patterns that were otherwise obscured within the raw data. Sitebulb’s extensive graphs will help you uncover meanings more quickly, and give you an easy way to communicate these in a report or presentation.

Data visualization links

Graphs fit for purpose

Sitebulb’s advanced reports surface the most important issues that need to be dealt with. One of the ways it does this is by displaying the right data using the most appropriate visualization.

Here are some examples of the graphs you can expect to find in Sitebulb:

Internal linking box plot

See how internal links are distributed, using the max, min and median at each crawl depth.

Viz data - box plot
Readability pie chart

Readability pie chart

Gain a really quick insight into how the site’s content stacks up in terms of reading score.   

Crawled URLs stacked area charts

This graph shows you the distribution of content on your site, giving you an indication of the architecture.

Stacked area chart
Word counts

Word count bar chart

Visualize content size distribution, and detect ‘thin content’ using your own thresholds.

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