Crawl Maps Tweet Wall

Welcome to our magnificent tweet wall of Crawl Maps. I accept that it more closely resembles a tower than a wall, but 'tweet tower' is not a thing.  

If you're unfamiliar with Sitebulb's Crawl Maps, check out our original post full of examples and explanations.

This article is a collection of examples from the community, which have been grouped together loosely by yours truly, with their own colourful commentary included as extra sauce.


We've only got one of these so far, but it's a doozy:

Content Mess (Where to begin...?)

Crawl Maps are perhaps best for quickly showing you that you've got a real mess to untagle.

Before and Afters

At Sitebulb we pride ourselves on stocking an eclectic range of before and after Crawl Map tweets. 

Content Explosion

It's probably what The Big Bang looked like.

Extreme Pagination

Pagination, but like you've never seen it before. Like on top of a mountain. 


Some Crawl Map enthusiasts are not satisfied with a static image, and instead created epic multimedia extravaganzas for your viewing pleasure.


At Sitebulb we believe in freedom of speech, even trolls are welcome here.

Nice site structure (huh? what?!)

I know, I know. You didn't come here to see sites with a nice structure. That's why they're at the bottom. 

Calling all Crawl Map fanatics! 

If you want to see your name and tweets up in lights on our illustrious tweet wall, get involved!

Simply tweet at us @sitebulb with a picture of your favourite Crawl Map(s), and you too can be featured on this page.

Please be warned, however, as some folks struggle to deal with the worldwide fame and celebrity that awaits. 

Patrick Hathaway

I am a technical SEO, a father and a part-time bread baker. For Sitebulb, I do the marketing, support and 'customer success' (which, among other things, means writing posts like this).

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