Deliver instant meaning with audit scores

Use audit scores to put audit results into context and create executive summaries for clients and management.

Wayne Atkinson

Wayne Atkinson

Ontario SEO

Sitebulb is a foundational part of all our projects and is now used by every member of our SEO team. The new priority scoring system is a game changer – it ensures that everyone’s focus is on the critical issues first, which gets you those quick wins right out of the gate.

Instantly communicate with clients

Sitebulb's Hints have raised the bar on what you can expect from a website crawler, presenting meaningful insights instead of just data. Now those Hints are distilled into a score that has instant meaning, and can easily be interpreted by marketers of any level.

Audit scores

Dive into areas of weakness

You can quickly see which area is holding a site back, and click straight through to see the detailed scoring breakdown alongside the prioritized Hints - which tell you exactly what you need to do to resolve the issues and improve the score.

Low Pagespeed score

Scores for every section

For every section that includes Hints, Sitebulb also calculates a score, meaning you can really zero in on areas for improvement. There is a score specifically for SEO, so you can easily demonstrate to clients or bosses that your SEO is on the right track by logging improvements in this score.

SEO score

Helping you summarise

Most clients or executives you are reporting to do not have the time, or the understanding, to digest every aspect of an audit report. Summarising is the best way to meaningfully communicate with these people, and audit scores are perfect for summaries.

To make this even easier, you can print audit scores straight into the PDF report.

Print scores on PDF

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