Edition #29: The State of Technical SEO

I'm going to kick off this month's newsletter by introducing a Twitter chat we're getting involved in tomorrow:

We're supporting this month's special episode of #SEOExpertsVoice - a real time SEO Twitter discussion run by Digital Olympus. The chat starts at 3pm (UK) tomorrow, Wednesday 20th October, featuring special guests Natalie ArneyMordy Oberstein and Hana Bednarova.

Make sure to join the chat to learn from the experts and ask some questions! See you tomorrow at 3pm UK time on Digital Olympus' Twitter page?

Onto the SEO-y words:

Recent Tech SEO Stuff We Love

The State of Technical SEO Report

via @techseowomen & @airadigital

The first annual State of Technical SEO Report is made up of 870+ responses to questions about the impact of technical SEO, tools, implementation, agency/in-house specifics and more. The data itself is super interesting, but the secret sauce in this report is the expert contributions, which provide additional commentary and perspective on each of the results. 

AHA! JavaScript SEO Moments: 8 Common JS SEO Issues & How to Overcome Them

via @samtorresatl

An awesome video presentation (+write-up) covering the trials and tribulations of JavaScript SEO. I really love the format of this presentation, based specifically around actual problems that Sam has encountered and how they can be handled. There's also loads to it, she covers specific issues regarding React, Angular, Vue, and Gatsby.

What happens to crawling and Google search rankings when 67% of a site’s indexed urls are pagination?

via @glenngabe

In this case study Glenn presents his findings from dealing with a site when two thirds of the indexed pages were paginated, and how this excessive pagination affected the site's performance in the SERPs. The main takeaway being that Google has a pretty good handle on pagination and how to deal with it.

11 Common Enterprise SEO Problems and Solutions

via @iPullRank

This is another presentation (+ write-up), this time specifically on enterprise SEO. Mike covers examples of ecommerce industry leaders, major problems enterprise SEOs need to manage, and necessary but practical solutions.

SEO Flowcharts for SEO Decision Making

via @aleyda

Where most SEOs simply smile and answer 'it depends' to any and all questions, Aleyda writes down all the different variables in the form of a flow-chart - to help her make and explain her decisions. Here, she shares her top 10 flowcharts, for you to use as well!

Edge SEO and SEO testing on the edge

via @willcritchlow

Edge SEO is not brand new, but it is one of the newer developments in technical SEO over the last few years, and I expect it is often not practiced in the wild by most SEOs. This post acts as an excellent primer for Edge SEO, and how it can be used to test changes to page elements that are typically important for SEO.

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