How to Customize URL Lists

How to Customize URL Lists

URL Lists are how bulk URL level data is presented in Sitebulb, and they are pretty much pervasive in the reports.

It's unlikely that you've used Sitebulb for any length of time and not come across them.

This is what they look like:

URL List example

This guide will cover some of the things you can do with URL Lists to customise them and help you drill down into the data further.

Adding & Removing Columns

For some reason, this is the one that most people don't spot. You can literally see whatever columns you want in URL Lists, you just need to hit the 'Add/Remove Columns' button to customise this.

Click items from the 'Available' list on the left to add them to your 'Selected' column on the right, and click items on from the 'Selected' list on the right to remove them. Each item is grouped into a broader category, so if you click the category heading instead of the individual item you can add/remove entire categories.

This makes more sense when you do it/see it:

Add and remove columns on a URL List


This one is pretty intuitive, just click any column heading to sort the list by that data point, in an ascending fashion. Click is again to sort descending.

Sorting columns on a URL List


Sitebulb's filtering system can apply a quick, basic filter very easily, and can also be configured to apply a much more complex, multi-layered filter.

The get going, you need to press the 'Filter' button on the left, and then fill in the panel that appears. You need to first select the column you wish to filter on, then add the filter condition. You will see the little number of 'results' update, before you go ahead and click 'Apply', which generates the filtered list.

Filtering columns on a URL List

You can also apply multiple filters, on as many columns as you want:

Filtering multiple rules using and

Toggle the AND/OR option to add flexibility to your filter:

Filtering with OR

And utilise nested filters by adding groups, to end up with a highly customised list:

Nested filtering

Exporting to Excel

This one should require little explanation, but it's included here for completeness. Click the big green button on the right to export the data that you have customised with all your filtering and sorting.

Bear in mind that only the columns you have selected to display will be included in the spreadsheet export.

Export filtered list

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