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Understand exactly which elements need optimization to improve performance.

Saad Asad

Saad Asad

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Sitebulb is the perfect merge of all the necessary data in a very simple, responsive and visual format. It is really fast and has improved our efficiency in providing our clients with great insights to take action on.

Comprehensive front-end testing

It is well established that front-end performance has a significant bearing upon both user experience and performance in organic search. Yet the performance testing tools most developers and marketers have available restrict you to checking only one page at a time. Sitebulb works differently – as it crawls each page, it runs the content through a full front-end analysis, so every page gets tested.

Check against 25+ front-end performance tests, for every single URL on your site

Sitebulb will perform a complete front-end and performance audit for every page on the website, checking for CSS & HTML validation, JavaScript errors, and 25+ other Hints.

Easily see where you are going wrong, with industry-standard rulesets, which are checked against every single URL on your website. Identify the common factors that are slowing down lots of pages, allowing you to prioritize your recommendations more effectively.

Front-end JavaScript errors

Tons of optimization opportunities

Sitebulb checks 4 different areas for potential front-end optimization opportunities, grouped logically: CSS, Head, HTML and JavaScript.

Front-end Hints

Perform a cookie audit

Sitebulb will also track down every cookie set by the website, along with the expiration on each of them. This gives the ability to do a complete cookie audit, to help you set the right consents in order to be GDPR compliant.

Cookies GDPR

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