Has a link with no href attribute

This means that the URL in question contains at least one outgoing anchor link which has no href attribute.

Why is this important?

These type of links are often used as internal jump points, since anchor tags which have no href attribute can be used for internal anchors.

However, they may also represent an error - where the hyperlink was intended but accidentally not set.

If this is the case, then the link as intended does not exist.

What does the Hint check?

This Hint will trigger for any internal URL which contains at least one outgoing anchor link which has no href attribute.

Examples that trigger this Hint:

This Hint would trigger for a URL with any <a> tag that does not contain the href attribute:

<a id="internal-anchor">Anchor Text</a>

How do you resolve this issue?

Identify the anchors which are missing the href attribute, and evaluate each one on a case-by-case basis.

If the intention was to set a hyperlink, then add them into the markup. If the intention was to simply set an anchor jump point, then no further action is needed. However, you might consider adding an ID to an element other than the <a> tag (e.g. div, span, h2) - as any tag can be defined as a jump mark by defining the id attirbute.

How do you get more data from Sitebulb?

From the URL List, click the blue Hint Details button, which will bring up a slide-across window with specific details about the Hint for each URL.

URL List - Link with no href

This will show you any outgoing anchor links with no href attributes, highlighted in red in the HTML. The right-hand scrollbar will show you the area to scroll down to, and then once you have scrolled you will see the highlighted link in red.

Hint Details view - link with no href

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