Are you here because you saw my talk about how 'SEO audits are mostly bollocks'? If so, thank you for watching! If not, why the hell are you here?

If you've got any questions or feedback, the best place to find me is usually Twitter (@GeoffKennedy)


I won't be sharing my slides, because frankly they won't make much sense on their own.

However... I have put together a guide which covers most of the same stuff as my talk.

It's still getting some final tweaks to fancy it up before launching properly, but since you're obviously a nice person, you can get it early here:

Talk recording

If you missed the talk, you should be able to get the recording here:

BrightonSEO2021 - Geoff Kennedy

Talk resources

Here's a few resources that I mentioned in my talk:

Get Sitebulb free for 60 days

As a thank you for watching my talk, I've got an extended, 60 day Sitebulb trial for anyone that would like it (usually we only do 14 day trials).

Just register using the form at the bottom of this page, download the software, and get started - no catch, no card details required.

Obviously this isn't a selfless act. I'm hoping to get you hooked on Sitebulb. But that's fair, isn't it?

You don't know what Sitebulb is?

Well that's awkward...

*Clears throat*
Sitebulb is a website auditing tool that carries out comprehensive SEO analysis, giving you the tools to understand the most significant issues and communicate prioritized recommendations to your clients.

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