Setting up a Google Compute instance for Sitebulb Server

If you have a DIY Server license and wish to install Sitebulb Server on Google Cloud Compute, please check out our video guide below.

It is only 10 minutes long for the complete end-to-end process, but does assume that you have already set up a Google Compute account and added billing details.

Aside: In the long run, this is much more expensive than our managed cloud servers, but can work as a convenient way to test out Sitebulb Server.

Bullet-point reference of each step:

  1. Add billing details
  2. Create project
  3. Go to VM instances
  4. Enable API
  5. Create instance
  6. Choose region
  7. Configure machine (see recommended specifications)
  8. Change boot disk to Windows/SSD
  9. Enable read/write storage in the API scopes
  10. Create instance
  11. Add network rule to open port 10401
  12. Connect via RDP (& set Windows password)
  13. Install Sitebulb Server
  14. Activate license and configure server (see guide on this)
  15. Connect desktop to Sitebulb Server (see guide on this)