Importing & exporting Audits

Any Audits you carry out in Sitebulb on your own machine are organized into Projects. However, it is also possible to import a Sitebulb Audit, from someone else’s machine onto your own machine, and these Audits do not sit within the normal Project structure.

Importing Audits

You can navigate to the Imported Audits section via the left hand sidebar from the Dashboard.

Imported Audits

You’ll be taken to a page where you can select a file to import.

Imported Audits page

At this point, you will need access to an exported “.sbp” Audit file – this is what you will import. This means that a friend or colleague (or yourself, on a different machine) would need to first export a Sitebulb Audit, and then send you the exported Audit file (see below on ‘Exporting Audits’).

Once you’ve selected the file to import, just hit the green ‘Start Import’ button.

Start Sitebulb Import

Once it has finished importing, you’ll find your imported Audit in a list underneath, which is where all of your imported Audits will be stored.

You can access the Audit report using the blue ‘View Report’ button alongside.

Imported Website Audit

Sharing (Exporting) Audits

If you wish to share an audit with a colleague, you can export directly from an Audit itself, or from within a Project.

To export from an Audit, go to the Overview and hit the Share Audit button on there.

Share Audit

This will build the audit export and allow you to save it as a “.sbp” file, which can be imported by another Sitebulb user.

Within a Project, your Website Audit History lists all of the Audits you have carried out. Each one of these can be exported, using the green ‘Export’ buttons.

Export from Project