Deleting Audits & Projects

Since Audits sit within Projects, if you delete a Project, you will also delete all of the Audits within the Project. You can delete a Project by navigating to the Project via the Dashboard, and clicking the red ‘Delete Project’ button.

Delete Project

You can also delete individual Audits from within a Project. On the Project page, scroll down to see the Website Audit History, and click the red ‘Delete’ button alongside the Audit that you wish to delete.

Delete Audits from Project

Note that even if you delete all of the Audits within a Project, this will not delete the Project itself (the only way to do this is to delete the Project, as above).

Why would you want to delete Audits?

You might wish to delete Audits to clean up your Sitebulb Projects and make them easier to use, or because you no longer need to keep the Audit for future reference (e.g. you decide to fire a client!).

However there is an additional reason why this might be important – because every Audit you produce through Sitebulb will take up space on your hard drive.

Small sites with only a few hundred URLs will only take up a few MB. A site with 100,000+ URLs could take up anything from 250 MB to around 2 GB.

If you have carried out lots of large Audits, or find yourself running out of hard drive space, you may wish to delete some of these.

Sitebulb saves audited URLs into a database for each Project and Audit. You can take a closer look at how much data is being used up by navigating to the App Data file.

On Windows you find this in C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local

Sitebulb AppData

On Mac, go to Finder and do Cmd + Shift + G and search for: 
(e.g. /Users/Patrick/.local/share/)

Mac Local Share 

You can check properties of the Sitebulb file to see overall size, or click through to the folder and check the size of each individual Project (the folder names are random strings of letters, but clicking though shows you pretty quickly which is which).

You should be able to see if your Audits are taking up too much space on your hard drive, in which case head back to Sitebulb and delete the offending Audits/Projects.