URL Rewriting

URL Rewriting is a method for instructing Sitebulb to modify URLs it discovers on the fly. It is most useful when you have a site that appends parameters to URLs in order to track things like the click path. Typically these URLs are canonicalized to the 'non-parameterized' version, which really just completely mess up your audit...unless you use URL rewriting.

You use URL Rewriting to strip parameters, so for example:

  • https://example.com/category/?ut_path=megamenu

Can become:

  • https://example.com/category/

And you end up with 'clean' URLs in your audit.

You can set up URL Rewriting via the Advanced Settings. To get to Advanced Settings, you scroll to the bottom of the main Audit setup page and hit the grey Advanced Settings button.

The URL Rewriting section is under URLs -> URL Rewriting

URL Rewriting

Per the example above, enter any parameters in the box in the middle of the page, and then test your settings at the bottom by entering example URLs.

Alternatively, the top tickboxes at the top allow you to automatically rewrite all upper case characters into lower case, or remove ALL parameters, respectively. The latter option means you do not need to bother writing parameters into the box, it will just strip everything.