Additional Options

There are two additional options that are only available if you select the Chrome Crawler - Code Coverage and Accessibility, which you will find in the Advanced Settings.

To get to Advanced Settings, you scroll to the bottom of the main Audit setup page and hit the grey Advanced Settings button.

The Additional Options section is under Crawler -> Additional Options

Additional Audit Options when using Chrome

  • Code Coverage - Sitebulb will analyze every CSS and JavaScript file on the website, in order to identify areas of code wastage – where code is being loaded in but not executed for rendering. It will also identify URLs that are loading in files but not using them at all, giving you everything you need to clean up your code and reduce the size of your pages.
  • Accessibility - Sitebulb will run over 50 automated accessibility checks, across every page on the website. It will highlight accessibility violations and identify opportunities to make your web pages more inclusive and user-friendly.