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Scott McLay

Scott McLay

Yard Digital

Sitebulb is one of the best crawling tools I have used, with one huge advantage over competitors - low RAM usage, as it saves everything to a database instead of storing everything within memory. If you regularly crawl large sites then Sitebulb is a must!

All you can eat crawling

Sitebulb combines the intelligent reporting framework of a SaaS crawler with the convenience of a desktop crawler. In fact, it builds upon the benefits of both platforms, whilst avoiding the downsides. It allows you to crawl an unlimited number of domains, whilst also crawling very large sites with ease. Since Sitebulb also gives you the ability to crawl and render Javascript websites, it is both powerful and versatile.

Stay on top of your crawl

Sitebulb’s in-crawl dashboard lets you see crawl progress in real time.

What can Sitebulb crawl?

Sitebulb’s powerful crawler is extremely robust, and is perfect for handling really large sites, as well as projects that involve new technologies.

Find out exactly what Sitebulb can do:

Crawl massive websites

Websites with up to 500,000 pages are no problem, even for most ‘normal’ desktop PCs or Macs.

Crawl and render Javascript

Crawl websites built in a Javascript framework such as AngularJS and ReactJS.   

Crawl multiple sources

In addition to a traditional web crawl, also crawl pages from XML sitemaps, or pages found in Google Analytics.

Perform a test crawl

Quickly and easily set up a representative test crawl, to check settings ahead of a real crawl.

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