Sitebulb Cloud vs OnCrawl:
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Website auditing tools are an essential weapon in any SEO professional's arsenal. Whether you're evaluating the performance of your own website or a client's, you want a crawler that produces the results you need and fits in well with your style of working. How do you make that decision?

Sitebulb vs OnCrawl

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Sifting through trials and demos to try and get and understanding of what might work for you is time consuming. Instead, we've compared some of the leading SEO tools to Sitebulb, so you can see which sounds like the best fit. By comparing Sitebulb to OnCrawl feature by feature, you can see straight away which of these crawlers is more likely to tick your boxes. And, while we don’t want to spoil the results, there’s a good chance it might be Sitebulb.

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Sitebulb Cloud Overview

Sitebulb is an independent company in every sense of the word. Free from investor pressure and not owned by an enormous enterprise operation, we can focus on products and customer happiness. Praised for usability and value for money, Sitebulb likes to strike the perfect balance between personal support and professional services, for all types of websites. Marketplace vendor Capterra gives Sitebulb a rating of 4.9 out of 5.

On Crawl Overview

Founded in 2013, OnCrawl is a technical SEO platform that came to be as a result of its founders seeking to aid French e-commerce businesses in their technical SEO endeavours. Used worldwide, OnCrawl was acquired by enterprise platform Brightedge in 2022, and with this acquisition has come an unfortunate lack of transparency regarding their pricing. Capterra's rating of OnCrawl is 3.8 out of 5.

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Sitebulb Cloud vs OnCrawl

Feature Sitebulb OnCrawl
On-page SEO analysis tick tick
Internal link analysis tick tick
Google Analytics Integration  tick tick
 Looker Studio Connector  tick   tick
 Site Visualizations/Crawl Maps  tick  cross
 Performance auditing  tick  cross
 Mobile-friendly checks  tick  cross
 No project limits  tick  cross
 JavaScript crawling inc. for free  tick  cross

Why is Sitebulb a great alternative to OnCrawl?


Sitebulb Cloud is half the price of OnCrawl, starting at £195 a month. This price point even includes the desktop application as part of the package, so you get a hybrid solution - a cloud crawler and a desktop crawler.

In terms of what you get for your money (not that the pricing is easy to find without making an inquiry), OnCrawl limits by both crawl credits and the number of projects. This makes it very restrictive in comparison to Sitebulb Cloud, which has no project limits at all, and allows for a very generous number of monthly URL crawls. This means you don’t need to worry about prioritizing which sites to crawl each month - you can focus on doing what needs to be done for all clients, and even re-run audits with zero anxiety.

OnCrawl operates on more of a "crawl credits" system than Sitebulb Cloud. Sitebulb Cloud pricing is based on a number of URLs, but you could crawl your chosen number of URLs at the start of the month, delete the data when it is no longer needed, and then crawl the same amount again. This wouldn’t be an option when using OnCrawl.

Some reviewers who had used the desktop version of Sitebulb found OnCrawl to be more suited for handling large and complex websites, since with the desktop product you were limited by what your machine could handle. This certainly isn't the case with Sitebulb Cloud, which is more than capable of crawling a variety of websites.

Target Audience

One of Sitebulb Cloud;''s strengths is that it can be used effectively by anyone - freelancers working solo, or SEOs that are part of an agency team. The way in which Sitebulb Cloud prioritizes issues is also incredibly useful to anyone whose time is precious - which in this industry is just about everyone.

Due to both its complex capabilities and pricing, some users may find OnCrawl to be a less accessible option. Also, according to Cuspera, Sitebulb appeals to a wider variety of industries than OnCrawl does.

Reviews and Ratings

We've previously mentioned Carterra's reviews of both Sitebulb and OnCrawl, with Sitebulb coming out on top with 4.8 stars to OnCrawl's 3.8. Sitebulb's reviews tend to praise its user interface, detailed reporting and efficiency, whereas OnCrawl's focus is on its powerful capabilities and in-depth reporting.

Service Support

Unfortunately for OnCrawl the majority of its poor reviews mention that its customer service can be lacklustre. While they are contactable by both chatbot and email, judging by customer reviews these avenues can be unreliable. OnCrawl does offer a variety of training options, including in-person and online seminars, which if taken advantage of might limit the need for extensive customer support, but won't be helpful in unexpected situations.

Sitebulb's customer service team is described as "highly responsive and helpful" in its G2 reviews, and - as previously mentioned - the more expensive packages enable the users to contact the support team via Slack Connect. Sitebulb encourages users to send screenshots and screencasts of any issues they may be having, allowing their service team to provide users with specific and personalised help.

Why Sitebulb Cloud is the best website auditing tool for your business

Detailed product comparisons are some of the most helpful resources in deciding which products are right for you. Looking as objectively as possible at Sitebulb Cloud compared to OnCrawl, it’s easy to see the areas in which Sitebulb shines.

OnCrawl may have many merits, but Sitebulb Cloud's intuitive interface and value for money allows users of any level to truly make the most of its features, whether they’re new to SEO or a leading professional. If we haven't convinced you already that Sitebulb is the crawler you’ve been looking for, we'd love to show you more.

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