Sitebulb Affiliate Programme

Get ahead of the game and join Sitebulb’s affiliate programme before the product is even launched! You’ll get exclusive early access and the opportunity to earn huge commissions on launch.

Programme Details

  • 20% recurring commissions (for the lifetime of the subscription)
  • 30 day affiliate cookies
  • Low $50 payment threshold
  • Monthly payments

Become a Sitebulb Affiliate

Affiliate FAQs

Will everyone get accepted onto the Sitebulb Affiliate Programme?

Unfortunately not. We are only looking to work with affiliates who are interested in promoting Sitebulb in a very specific manner, and many affiliates will not be able or willing to work in this way.

How do I convince you that I’ll be a good fit?

Fill in the form above, and we’ll send you an email with some more details about what we’re looking for (and what we’re NOT looking for) in our affiliates. We’ll ask you to reply to that email and give us some details about how you plan to promote Sitebulb. If we think you’ll be a good fit, we’ll approve your request so you can set up an affiliate account.

I already have a Sitebulb account. Will I need to set up a separate affiliate account?

Yes. The Sitebulb Affiliate Programme is run through our payment provider, Paddle, so you essentially need an account with them. The affiliate account you set up with Paddle is independent of your Sitebulb account.

Where do I get my affiliate link from?

Once you have set up your affiliate account on Paddle, and this has been approved by us, you will be able to log in to your Paddle account, where you can access your affiliate link and also view real-time reporting of clicks, sales and conversion data.

How will I get paid my commission?

Once you have started referring customers to Sitebulb and earning commission, you will get an automatic email through from Paddle, requesting that you set up payment details. You can choose to get paid via PayPal or bank/wire transfer. There is a $50 earnings threshold before commission is paid out, and payments are processed monthly.

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